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Theresa offers a variety of services and classes that serve as tools for personal growth and healing.

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 Reiki is a wonderful introduction to energy healing.  It works by sending spiritually guided life force energy, sometimes called prana or chi, throughout the energy field.  Reiki treatments are sessions where the Reiki energy is transmitted by the laying on of hands.


Reiki energy invokes a feeling of deep relaxation, peace, and well-being.  It assists in detoxification of the body and emotions, supporting the body’s natural healing processes.  Reiki has been proven to lower blood pressure, speed wound healing, and relieve pain. 

Spiritual Readings


In each session, Theresa acts as a channel, connecting into the spiritual realm: your higher self, past and future energies, spirit guides and angels.


  • Dig deeper into your greater life purpose

  • Heal and understand the relationships in your life

  • Negotiate career and business transitions

  • Explore past emotional and energetic blocks

  • Develop inner-tools to translate the extraordinary world changes happening today


She offers several types of readings: 


  • Tarot Readings

  • Akashic Readings

  • Channeled Readings

  • ... and more!

Sound Therapy

Whole Body Tuning  •  Emotional Release

Deep Vibrational Message & Relaxation

Chakra Cleansing • Vibrational Bodywork 

Theresa uses tuning forks and their specific frequencies to assist the body in healing itself.


Using her intuitive senses and knowledge of the body and chakra systems, she uses specific frequencies tailored to your needs. Results vary from assisting in releasing stress, pain, inflammation, tension, stagnation and re-activating the innate cellular blueprint to re-energize function and bring balance and wholeness.

Metaphysical Coaching

Ready to make a commitment to moving forward in your life?

Spirit Song is a process for aligning with your Soul.  The intention is to evolve through joy and ease by focusing on what is desired. 


The program consists of 8 appointments, one per week for 8 weeks.  Theresa will work with you each week to discover, enhance, and streamline your journey using metaphysical tools to facilitate the process. 


500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158





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