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The Heart is the Key

The Heart Holds the Key that Unlocks the Door to the Multidimensional Self.

We are multidimensional beings formed of light and sound. Our current focus on physicality, or 3D, has blinded us to a much richer state of being. That state includes mind, emotions, soul and spirit; a greater reality composed of both higher and lower dimensions. These dimensions are influencing us unconsciously at all times. As we become aware of them, we can choose what affects us, becoming conscious co-creators of our world.

The mystics of all spiritual traditions have known this since the beginning of time. At some point in our history, this knowledge became hidden, available to only a select few. It is now time for us to awaken as a collective; to receive our birthright of access to this far greater reality.

Let’s examine a simple system for defining 9 dimensional reality. Zero point is the center, the beginning, the great void. Dimension 1 is a point in space. Dimension 2 has length. Dimension 3 is the physical: length, width and depth. Dimension 4 is the dimension of emotion, time, and belief. Dimension 5 holds a consistent frequency of unconditional love. Dimension 6 is the realm of divine ideas and sacred geometry. Dimension 7 is the soul plane. Dimension 8 is where original reality is created, and dimension 9 is Source consciousness.

Human consciousness is moving from a focus on 3D, to a focus on 5D, which is based in love. Love radiates from the heart. Surviving as physical humans on a challenging planet, our hearts have taken some pretty severe damage. So the next step for most of us is to clear and heal that heart center, so that we can observe and access the greater reality from a space of unconditional love.

A simple exercise can get you started in this process. Simply breathe into the heart. Allow the heart center, or chakra, in the center of the chest, to open. Feel what that feels like. Is it easy? Is it hard? Now ask your heart to radiate its light out into your energy field. How does that feel? Simply breathe into the heart, and allow the breath to carry the heartlight into the field on the exhale. This may take practice. That’s ok. Continue this practice for just a few minutes every morning. As you do, amazing synchronicities of healing will begin to occur. You will be led to just the right, person, book or video that will help you to heal and understand your heart.

As the heart clears, we have greater access to the universe. From the portals in the heart we can travel anywhere. We can access any information that we need, past, present or future. An open heart allows us to view reality as spirit does, with unconditional love and wisdom. This is how we are creating a new world, a place where our children will thrive on this sacred planet which is healthy and beautiful. From here, we can access the multiverse.

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Beautifully written and very helpful, thank you Theresa.

Gefällt mir

thanx for this mz theresa & for all the love you put out into the world 🧡

Gefällt mir
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